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Helping women and children find lasting relief and recovery from pelvic floor issues

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  Marina D. Castellanos, PT PLLC is a unique physical therapy practice in Scarsdale, NY.

We specialize in pelvic health rehab for women, teens, and children.

Now serving Westchester County, Rockland County, NYC and surrounding areas

Why choose Marina D. Castellanos PT, PLLC?

Your services are 1:1 with the same physical therapist (you’re never passed off to other staff)

You’re seen in a quiet private room (no loud gym music outside the door)

You are seen for 90 minutes for your initial evaluation!

Follow ups are always 50-60 min

You’re seen by a physical therapist whose primary focus is pelvic rehab

You always have access to a live person for contact, no call center or bots


Women's Conditions Treated

Urinary leaks, frequency

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Painful Bladder Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis


Painful intercourse

Pelvic Pain

Overactive Bladder

Pregnancy aches/pains

Birth Prep

Postpartum Recovery/Postpartum Pain

Diastasis Recti rehabilitaiton

C-section recovery

Postural retraining

Low Back or SI joint pain


Pediatric Conditions Treated



Fecal Leaks

Abdominal Bloating/pain/gas

Daytime urinary leaks

Urinary frequency

Dysfunctional voiding/ dyssynergic defecation

Pelvic Pain/muscle spasm

Frequent Bladder Infections/UTIs

Potty training troubles


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